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Transitioning from Hospital to Home. . .

In many cases, patients are not ready to return home after a hospital stay.  They need more time to strengthen and heal before they can step back into the routine of independent living.

That’s when the Skilled Nursing & Rehab Program of Lauderdale Community Hospital can help.  It’s a Medicare-certified skilled nursing program that provides patients' short-term rehabilitative therapy.  The program’s qualified, caring staff eases the transition from acute hospital care to home or other residential living arrangements.

The program offers the benefit of Lauderdale Community Hospital’s highly skilled health care professionals.  As a team, they follow a written care plan to help each patient achieve and maintain an optimum level of independent functioning.

The Patient’s and Family’s Roles
Patients play an active role in their care.  They are encouraged to wear street clothes as they complete therapy and participate in activities and exercisesdesigned to help them return home.  Guided by LCH’s caring staff, patients practice skills of daily living: eating, dressing, grooming, personal hygiene, and household tasks.

Who Needs This Type of Care?
· Patients who need rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery or fractures
· Stroke patients
· Patients receiving IV antibiotic therapy
· Patients needing continued wound care
· Patients who need chemotherapy or radiation services
· Patients needing to regain strength and mobility
· Recent decline in ADL’s (Active of Daily Living)
· Difficulty with Ambulation
· Recent decline in Muscle Strength
· Recent change to a Lower Level of Function or Independence
To qualify for Skilled Nursing & Rehab program care, a Medicare recipient must have completed a three-day acute care stay, either at Lauderdale Community Hospital OR another acute care facility.
Who Pays for this Type of Care?
Medicare Part A pays for Skilled Nursing & Rehab, or Medicare skilled nursing services, as do most insurance policies.  Health policies differ, so our admission coordinator will verify coverage.

So long as a patient meets Medicare criteria, has days left in the benefit period and the doctor approves the stay, a patient may receive Medicare skilled nursing services.
Our team welcomes families to visit frequently and bring books, games and hobbies their loved ones enjoy. Theactivities coordinator incorporates these into the patient’s care plan.

LCH Skilled Nursing & Rehab

For more information,
call 731-221-2444.

LCH Skilled Nursing & Rehab Team

The team includes:
  • A physician who serves as the program’s medical director
  • The patient’s personal physician or a hospital-based physician, called a hospitalist, who keeps the patient’s doctor informed.
  • A case manager, who coordinates each patient’s case
  • Nurses
  • Activities coordinator
  • Dietician
  • Physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapists

Get back into the swing of Independent Living!!!
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