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Lauderdale Community Hospital is proud to offer a growing number of physicians to the community in our Physician Office Building.  These physicians see patients in one of our three office suites within our POB.

The following is a list of physicians currently taking up office on a daily or weekly or bi-weekly basis in the LCH Physician Office Building.  Each physician's contact information along with the days the physician is in our POB are also listed.

James Caylor, MD
General Surgery
POB Suite 104
Clinic Days:  Monday-Thursday PM
Surgery Case Days:  Monday-Thursday AM

Doug Haltom, Jr., MD
West Tennessee Bone and Joint
POB Suite 102
Every Other Friday:  8AM - 12PM

Dr Elizabeth Lu, DPM
Podiatric Medicine
POB Suite 102
Every Other Friday:  8AM - 12PM

Dr Sekou Molette, M.D.
Pain Management
POB Suite 102
Every 3rd Tuesday:  8AM - 4PM

Thank you for choosing Lauderdale Community Hospital and our ever-growing list of physicians.

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